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At Sciuto Tree, we acknowledge and appreciate that trees play a crucial role in keeping us safe, sheltered, and fed. We believe that, as a tree service, we can pay it forward by repurposing all the materials rendered when working on a tree.

We are committed to repurposing all our tree materials by 2025. Achieving this becomes easier by working as a community. Join us! 


Wood Chips (3-5 Cubic Yards)

Wood Chips are an amazing garden addition for fertile soil, insulation, pest control, and even aesthetic purposes. 

5 cubic yards are enough to fill a 9 ft x 5 ft x 3 ft garden bed.

Delivery fee only, $20.

*3-5 cubic yards will be delivered based on availability, choosing a specific amount is not an option.


Trunk Wood

Green, hardwoods only. Great option for woodworking and firewood.

*This is unsplit and unprocessed wood, so it may contain insects or rot.


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